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We have years of expertise and are both licensed and insured. We vow to give you what you need at a reasonable cost, whether it's a new roof, routine maintenance, repair, or replacement.



Siding just like roof shingles is very important to a home’s ability to put up with the weather. It can add a beautiful aesthetic to a house as well. Siding is any material used to cover a house’s exterior walls or other residential buildings. By keeping the elements out, it defends the house. Siding seals off all of the exterior walls of your house, forming a watertight barrier that keeps out rain, and blustery winds. At MDM, we do our best to give our customers the highest quality siding for their home design. We offer vinyl, metal, Hardie plank, and insulated siding.



Sometimes keeping gutters clean and in the right place is a bit tricky. MDM always installs a sophisticated and proven seamless gutter system. Seamless gutters deal better with heavy water flow when it rains hard. We also suggest gutter guards keep your gutters clean. We make sure it stays in the same place regardless of any weather.



Windows are an important part of keeping your home airtight and lowering annual energy costs. They are also a great way to add to the look of your home. MDM always makes sure that your windows go with the style for your home and that they're installed with a clean finish



Decks are a place where many special moments are shared with people you love. You never want to have a faulty deck or something that doesn't go with the rest of your home. Here at MDM restoration, can help you out with giving by the deck you need whether it's wood like Trex or even special rubber material like Cool-Step.



Here at MDM, we know that as a good homeowner there is always something to work on in your home. In some cases, you have to fix up or do some touch-ups on unfinished projects. We have experience in all types of smaller home improvements such as drywall, painting, room additions, soffit, fencing, and adding light fixtures.


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Metal Siding


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Hardie Plank Siding

How Does it Work?

Is there a perfect time to install a new roof? All year round, we install roofs. The duration of your roof or the quality of our installation is unaffected by the timing of our installation.

Can long-term damage result from a roof leak? Your roofing system and your house will both be harmed by a leaky roof. You should have your roof evaluated as soon as you find leaks to prevent mold from spreading.

How will I know if I need to replace the roof of my house? Knowing when to get a new roof is crucial for homeowners to avert calamity. Age, looks, and leakage are the three main aspects to think about.

Can siding reduce my house's utility Bills? Siding has a variety of benefits that might reduce your home's utility costs. How installing new siding can cut utility costs: 1. Replace sagging or damaged siding 2. Insulate walls before adding new siding to your house to assist control the temperature. 3. Use high "R-factor" solid core siding.

When installed siding, how long will the new siding last? Vinyl siding is incredibly robust. However, it can occasionally crack (for example, if it is hit with large hail stones, a baseball bat, etc.) However, materials like solid core, composite, and fiber cement are incredibly robust and frequently withstand an assault from the elements and other sources.

What is the normal price of new siding? The final price of our siding jobs depends on a variety of factors, but they normally start at $2,500. To remove any ambiguity in our pricing policies, we offer open-book pricing to you. We will be upfront about our price during your free examination and can provide you with a free quote right away. (However, with financing, our monthly payments normally begin at $49 for the installation of new siding.)

Do I require new gutters? The professionals at MDM restoration are more than pleased to visit your house and examine your gutter system to determine whether you require new gutters. Gutters are a crucial component of a sturdy roof system. Since problems often worsen over time and affect other parts of your house, you should ascertain whether your property needs new gutters as soon as feasible.

Exactly how many downspouts do I require? Every 20 to 30 feet, downspouts are required for gutter systems. You might require more depending on the roof's slope and rooflines.

How does the person installing my gutters decide how to set them up? When installing gutters, slope and support are important factors. How easily rain will stream down the gutter depends on the slope. Gutter hangers are responsible for supporting the gutters, and how far apart they are spaced depends on the kind of gutter and the local climate.

What advantages come with new windows? You'll probably notice improved energy efficiency, fewer generality costs, more comfort, improved safety, and prettier and more contemporary looks with new windows.

Are the windows in your home energy-star rated? Absolutely. We believe in saving you money on your heating and cooling bills and care about the environment. As a result, every one of our windows has an Energy Star certification.

Is there a minimum order amount for windows? There is no minimum order requirement, however in fore free estimate to be valid, we must look at a minimum of two windows that need to be replaced.

Which decking type do you install? Premium wood and composite decks are our areas of expertise. Our wood decks are made from some of the best wood species in the world, while our composite decks are manufactured by industry leaders like TimberTech. You will receive the greatest quality the material has to offer, regardless of what you choose.

How can I determine the best deck material for my problems? Depending on your needs, preferences, and financial situation. Online research and reading articles about various topics might take hours. But ultimately, speaking with an expert is the best course for determining determiner circumstances. Experts like MDM restoration can assist you in evaluating your options, staying within your budget, and providing suggestions that are most beneficial to you.

Who will be performing the actual deck installation? Expert artisans who are as enthusiastic about designing your ideal deck as you are. At MDM Restoration, indifference, sloth, and low skill are all grounds for termination. Simply put, we won't let anyone except the best work on your deck.

What time of year is ideal for home renovations? Depending on the project, home remodeling can be done at any time of the year. Interior remodeling or renovations may often be finished at any time of the year, however, some tasks may be weather-dependent. For instance, foundation or footing work should be finished when it is above freezing when building a home addition.

What Should My Project Budget Be? The process of remodeling a home is complicated. Every project is unique depending on the current framework, the work's scope, and the customer's requirements. You can look over the Cost vs. Value Report for the most recent year to get a better idea of the various cost ranges.

How can I determine whether MDM Restoration is the best company for me? In addition to drywall, painting, room additions, soffit, fencing, and light fixture installation, we also specialize in a wide range of other home remodeling and restoration services. comprising expansions, and remodeling of the entire house, baths, kitchens, basements, and outdoor areas. We are the design/build team for you if you want to make a significant alteration to modernize and functionalize your home! Our clients are free to take an active role in the design process or to step back and allow MDM Restoration to handle it as they see fit. Our top priority is exceeding our client's expectations and meeting their demands.



Most of the client like our work

Carla John

MDM Restoration’s team was excellent to deal with. We felt confident in putting our trust in them. When our house was a mess, they made us feel better. When they came to evaluate our old roof, their staff was very sincere and meticulous. They completed the task fast and were kind and effective. If you select this company, you will receive the greatest service. Prices were very reasonable considering the excellent work they performed. cheaper than competing businesses. Without a doubt, I'd give them a call again if needed.

Peter William

The quality of the work done on my roof amazed me. To do the project in one day, the team put in a lot of effort. I was particularly impressed by the interim fixes they made to my roof, and I am generally satisfied. They are highly recommended and very professional.

Harry Thompson

I was frightened to check my roof after a severe windstorm because I was a new homeowner. A day after phoning, MDM Team arrived at our home and completed the examination efficiently. They were excellent in answering all my concerns and helping me save money.


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